Teachable Review- Sell Your Knowledge

Teachable is a great place for people looking to develop a course, and earn a source of passive income through their educational material.

Do you have a lot of knowledge about a certain subject, or are you just passionate about teaching? Teachable offers educators, entreprenures, bloggers, or just about anyone an opportunity to sell their courses with a huge potential for passive income. Moreover, it’s not just a place to sell; it’s also a marketplace for students or people looking for access to quality courses and education.

First Impressions

You’ll notice that using teachable is easy, well designed, and is overall a well built platform for both the students and teachers. Accessing and navigating the courses is straightforward and simple. Moreover, there are a lot of built in tools for those selling the courses which can help boost sales and with marketing.


The dashboard is really intuitive with an easy to use left sidebar that allows you to access all the controls and easy manage your school

The dashboard contains:

  • Users
    • Students
    • Owners
    • Authors
    • Affiliates
    • Custom
  • Site
    • Theme
      • Colors
      • Font Family
      • Logos, etc…
    • Domain
    • Navigation
    • Bios
    • Pages
    • Comments
    • Custom Text
    • Code Snippets
    • Power Editor
  • Sales
    • Transactions
    • Statements
    • Breakdown
    • Upsells
  • Emails
  • Settings
    • Plan
    • Payment
    • Taxes
    • Integrations
    • Web Hooks
  • Courses
  • Coaching
    • Work with clients one on one through Teachable.

The Page Builder

The page builder is great! It’s really easy to use. Not one time when I was using was I ever thinking “how do I edit that image, or button”, but rather was impressed by how quick and easy it was to build a really amazing looking page.

The builder has just the right amount of flexibility to do what you need without over complicating things. If you need extra flexibility you can insert custom HTML, CSS, and code to make your landing page according to your code.

You can see the left sidebar contains all your controls for editing each section.

  • Banner
  • Text
  • Image with text
  • Tex with image grid
  • Featured Products
  • Add a block
    • button
    • text section
    • image
    • banner
    • featured product

Customizing Your Sections

It’s super easy to edit the images, text, colors and a few design features.


If you’re looking to sign up for a course, the price varies greatly depending on what the course is, and who is offering it. Courses generally start at around $50 dollars and get more expensive.

If you’re looking to sell your courses on Teachable, it’s a whole different story.

Free: You’re allowed to try it for free, with limitations. You’ll still have to pay $1 dollar for every course you sell, plus a 10% transaction fee. So if you sell a $50 dollar course, you’ll net $44 dollars.

Paid Plans:

If you’re not using the free version you’ll have to shell out $348 dollars for the basic plan, $1188 for the professional plan, and $2988 for the Business plan! These prices go up even more if you pay per month, but I can’t image anyone wanting to sell their course wants to do it for just a single month.

Is it worth it then? Well, it might be worth it considering you get a “website” to host your course on with a bunch of marketing features. For some individuals, this alone might be worth the basic plan price.

All the plans allow you to customize your landing page for your course with things like images, colors, fonts, background images, logos, etc. They also have an option to edit the style sheet of the website, if you have that type of skillset.

Your domain will be branded with the teachable name somewhere in it, unless you opt for the higher priced plans such as professional or business.

So what else do you get with your landing page for your course? First of all the landing page is highly customizable: built in you’re allowed to change just about everything from language, to links, to navigations buttons and so on. If that isn’t enough for you, feel free to throw in your own CSS code and make it exactly how you want it.

What People are Saying

Personally, it’s a good starting point for anyone looking to launch a digital course. It’s easy to navigate for design, upload content, and keep up with student progress. The interface allows you to see where/if your students are dropping off so you can revamp how to keep them engaged to finish the course you’ve created and get the best outcome.

Depending on which plan you have, you can drip your content or give it all at once. This allows you more control over your teaching style pending what your clients learn best with.

One of our Clients


  • Big market place to launch your course and content
  • Highly customizable and welcoming interface
  • Solid platform, easy to use and navigate
  • Good marketing option and tools
  • Intergraded payment platforms


  • Expensive
  • Unable to access premium features like graded quizzes and completion certificates unless you opt for the professional or business packages, which obviously cost more
  • users complain about the email functions for communication being poor and often going to junk mail.
  • Can’t use professional course creating software (3rd party software to create your course)
  • May not be the best for cooperate or setting which require special divisions within a specific course.


Overall, teachable is great. It’s easy to use and for most people will be a great platform to market and sell your educational product. Teachable offers a lot of products which will help market, sell, and produce your online course. It’s priced similarly to some of its competitors, but in our view is still expensive and lacks a few extra features unless you pay extra.

NOTE: This article contains an affiliate link(s) to Teachable. If you’re interested in signing up, please do so through our link to help support Gurushop.