These days when it comes to online marketing, it’s all about ‘segmentation’ – tailoring your ads to suit your target audience. Why bother chasing that ever-elusive ‘one size fits all’ solution when you can create call-to-action copy that gives people exactly what they want? Up until now, segmentation has been mostly the preserve of email marketing. But with RightMessage, you can take things a step further – you can personalise your entire website to suit your users. Here’s the lowdown:

Main Features

Once you’ve got RightMessage set up on your website, it’ll tot up a number of different facts about your visitors – such as where they’re coming from – and automatically direct them to a homepage that most closely matches what they’re looking for. For example, if you’ve Googled a request about email marketing for small business owners, you’ll be taken to a different page than a Fortune 500 worker making the same request for his company. Key to this process is RightAsk, a survey tool that pops up when people visit your website and asks a number of questions to determine where you should be going.

Some of RightMessage’s more interesting features include:

  • Point-and-click Interface

RightMessage is easy to use, even for non-techies. Everything in the interface is point-and-click. There’s no need to bring any coding knowledge to the table. You can personalise your web pages directly without even having to log in to the site’s backend.

  • RightBar

The RightBar tool allows you to pop a customised call-to-action (CTA) bar at different stages in your sales funnel. Unlike other ‘Hello’ bars, the RightBar is tailored to suit different segments of your audience just like the web pages themselves.

  • Campaign Goals

With RightMessage’s Campaign Goals feature, you can track any number of events (known here as ‘conversions’) to help you determine the best course of action for your campaign. These cover just about everything, from clicking an element to filling out a form. Like everything else, adding these goals is a straightforward point-and-click process.

Plans and Pricing

RightMessage offers two pricing plans, the basic CTA Plan and the more customisable Personalize Plan. Neither comes cheap, with the CTA Plan starting at $29 per month and the Personalize Plan starting at a hefty $129 per month. Prices scale with the number of monthly visitors your site receives, going up to as high as $629 per month (CTA Plan)/$729 per month (Personalize Plan) for up to 900,000 visitors.

Both plans are almost entirely identical. However, the Personalize Plan gives you significantly more customization options, allowing you to personalize everything on your site.

Both plans offer the following as standard:

  • The RightAsk survey tool.
  • Personalised embedded CTA options.
  • Pop-ups, sticky bars, embedded forms and more.
  • Syncing with your email database.
  • Reporting and analytics.
  • Unlimited websites
  • Up to 2000 visitors a month.

There’s also a 14-day free trial of the CTA Plan available if you want to try their services out first.


– Personal Support

RightMessage is still a relatively small enterprise, so it’s still got that nice, cozy personal touch. Brennan and Shai, RightMessage’s founders, make a point of providing exemplary care for their customers, and you can expect a prompt response from either of them if you need to contact support.

– Easy to Use Interface

RightMessage’s point-and-click interface is easy to get used to, even for those without a techie background. Creating and customising a CTA funnel is quick and simple, and there’s an extensive knowledge base to fill in the gaps.

– Extensive Personalisation Options

RightMessage allows you to personalise just about any of your site’s content – headlines, text, images, quotes – with a simple point-and-click system. The options are seemingly endless – greet returning customers by name, switch a ‘Buy Now’ button for ‘Upgrade Now’ and much more.


– A Little Too Pricey for Beginners?

While RightMessage offers a lot, its relatively high-cost might put off those who are just starting out. Although $29 per month isn’t a huge amount, it certainly adds up when you consider all the other ‘must-have’ services a new website needs. And this is made worse by the fact that:

– You’ve Got To Pay Premium Prices for Those Personalisation Options We Mentioned

Yep, that $29 won’t even cover most of the good stuff – to take advantage of those personalisation options we mentioned earlier, you’ll be looking at spending a giddying $129 per month up front. Ok, it may prove worth it in terms of returns later down the line – but that’s an awful lot to invest upfront.

– Lack of Integrations

RightMessage integrates with surprisingly few email marketing services/CRMs. Unless you’re using one of the big services such as ConvertKit or Infusionsoft, you might find yourself unable to use RightMessage.


RightMessage is easy-to-use and provides plenty of personalisation options. Support is generally exemplary, and there are a lot of options to play around with. However, the high cost and lack of integration might be a little off-putting to those who are just starting out and still pinching pennies.