Interview With an Online Entrepreneur #1

Learn from people who’ve done it already. Take their advice, experience, and knowledge to help you succeed!

GuruShop: We’re here today to talk to an Online Entrepreneur to gain some insight about their experience building a business, working online, and listen to any advice they may have. Today we’re talking with Luara, from HealingtoHappy.

GuruShop: What do you do for a business, and what aspects of it are online?

Laura: I am the creator and founder of Healing to Happy where I create digital courses for women suffering from anxiety-induced IBS. My signature program is called Gut Recharge which is a self-paced online program. ( My company is 100% online and 60% of it is automated through Facebook advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, and conversational marketing. 

1.GuruShop: How did you get started with what you’re doing today? Do you have any advice for someone who is considering doing something similar to you?

Laura: Totally on accident. At the time I was teaching english in Thailand and was at a roadblock of what to do with my life. My health was taking a turn for the worst so I enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to learn more on how I could save my own health and heal my relationship with food which led me down a rabbit hole of falling in love with the gut-brain connection and advancing my studies in that field. Certifications are cool and all, but it was my life experience that taught me the most and also what had the most influence on those around me. As a result, people started to want to pay me for 1:1 coaching so they too could get healthy and happy.  This lead me into 1:1 consulting and then as social media grew, people from international wanted to work with me so I set up online coaching. After a while, I wanted to work less but help more people so I started to learn about digital courses and ended up where I am today. If I were to give anyone advice, it’d be to find your hole and then make a key. Go into your market and truly hear what they want to learn and buy, not what you think they want. I made the mistake of trying to find a hole for my key and wasted a lot of time (and money) trying to convince people to buy something using a language they didn’t understand yet. Keep it simple, get in there and get to know them, and remember that its just humans on the other side looking for help. Also, know your worth. 

2. GuruShop: What struggles did you face after starting? And what did you do to overcome those barriers? What mistakes did you make that if you knew now could easily be avoided?

Laura: Knowing my market. I have zero background in digital marketing or sales, that wasn’t my jam. But quickly I realized I needed to make this something that I got hyped about learning so that I could reach more people and have a greater impact. Also, make numbers sexy. You need those, they matter. You don’t need to be an expert, but knowing how much you have coming in, how many people you need to reach, and conversions will change the game. Make it sexy, make it fun. Save yourself the hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted. When you finally get a good understanding, hire someone that’s better at it than you. Another is don’t be afraid of the phrase “I have no idea what you just said”. I feel like when I started out I had to act like I knew it all and was afraid to sound dumb. There are no dumb questions and any expert or anyone you look up to, if they’re truly a mentor, they will happily share their advance to help you succeed. Just ask them! 

3. GuruShop: What did you notice were some of the key things that started to bring in revenue for your business?

Laura: Sales. Knowing my market and using that language. Relationships has been a big contributor to everything. Most people I work with have found me via social media, featured articles, podcasts, or something along those lines. When I first started out I worked my ass off to get in front of EVERYONE. I spoke at workshops, wrote for top blogs and magazines, I jumped on any opportunity to be on a podcast. This way, when someone googles me there is credibility to my name that I know hat the heck I’m talking about. But the main thing… people buy from people. Talk to your tribe like they’re you’re best friend, because they should be! If they’re trusting you enough to buy from you, trust them enough to be more than a ticket number or dollar sign.

4.GuruShop:What are the things that have helped grow your business ? Out of those things, what do you think has given you the most bang for your buck?

Laura: I was hungry when I started. Like I said above, I spoke/wrote every chance I got asked. I positioned myself as an expert because I was, I just had to prove it by showing everyone that. You start from the bottle and you have to stay hungry in it. Take the “no’s” and use that as fire in your soul to keep going. It isn’t personal, it’s just actually a “not yet”. I personally have found success in social media and facebook advertising. Content writing and storytelling is something I really train my team on because again… people by from people. Gone are the days of in your face selling, people buy from emotions. Not what they get, but how they’ll feel. Most bang for my buck though would be conversational marketing, talking with people. Now were seeing Facebook advertising take off but that has been a huge testing game. If you have the money, do it. BUt if not, get into facebook groups and start talking to your people to hear what they truly want. 

5.GuruShop: What kind of online tools do you use for your online business? Also, which ones have you used that you think are not worthwhile ?

Laura: WordPress, clickfunnels, Facebook advertisements, Pinterest, active campaign, teachable… I think that’s it. I love them all 

NOTE: GuruShop: We’ve got a full review on Teachable, ClickFunnels, and ActiveCampaign check them out if you’re interested in learning more.

6.GuruShop: What plans do you have for the future? How do you plan to grow and expand your business?

Laura: To change the world. I plan to grow by hiring people that are better at me in the areas that I’m mediocre in. 

7.GuruShop: Is there anything else you would like to say? Tips, advice, or ideas that may be helpful for someone who is trying start and online business?

Laura: Be hungry. If it’s just about money, you’re going to run out of steam. Find your zone of genius, something that comes easily and naturally to you and use that and keep going. Being an Business owner is frickin’ hard, be ready for that. Also, get a mindset practice going and be passionate about doing that every morning before you start. Your health and your happiness are always ahead of the business. The rest won’t come unless those are locked and loaded. 

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