Interview With an Online Entrepreneur #2

Today we’re here with our friends from Bitcoin Maximalist. They’re into crypto just like us and have some great advice about running a content driven website, let’s dive right in.

GuruShop: What do you do for a business, and what aspects of it are online?

Answer: I have a few websites which I own and manage, such as I’m a Bitcoiner and economist so my websites are generally about the financial world.

1.GuruShop: How did you get started with what you’re doing today? Do you have any advice for someone who is considering doing something similar to you?

Answer: I have a friend who’s into web development and he and I started our first website together. I then launched a couple more on my own after gaining some experienceAnyone thinking of doing the same should realize that it takes time to establish a website. It will take a lot of hard work and excellent content, but if you can find a niche that you know a lot about, you have a great opportunity. 

2. GuruShop: What struggles did you face after starting? And what did you do to overcome those barriers? What mistakes did you make that if you knew now could easily be avoided?

Answer: I expected too much too soon. Google pretty much ignores your website in the early days. It can be disheartening, when you’re not getting any organic traffic, but as long as you create excellent content, you will get noticed. Reaching out to other websites with a similar DA and content as you is a good way to help build backlinks together. Scratch each other’s back, as it were. 

3. GuruShop: What did you notice were some of the key things that started to bring in revenue for your business?

Answer: I’ve never paid for any advertisements, but it would definitely help. I’m not in a rush, so mine is all about content and reaching out to other websites to try and guest post or backlink with each other. 

GuruShop: Since you don’t pay for advertising what techniques do you use to drive traffic?

Answer: I share on social media, which brings in a lot of traffic. Also, share posts on pdf sharing sites, make some audios and share on audio sites, all with backlinks. They’re not powerful backlinks but they’re all “breadcrumbs” that lead back to my website.Also, guest writing is a great way to get backlinks. Reach out to other websites with a similar DA, and email them to see if they fancy guest posting and sharing a backlink. Most will go for it. I say get websites with similar DA as higher ones will probably want to be paid.

Let me take this opportunity to offer a good backlink to anyone reading this. If you can write a good and authentic news/education article about Bitcoin, I will publish on my website and offer a permanent backlink to your site. You can contact us here.

4.GuruShop: What are the things that have helped grow your business ? Out of those things, what do you think has given you the most bang for your buck?

Answer: Again, it’s all about the content. Try and make it SEO rich, but not to overstuff it with keywords. Google isn’t stupid and it will punish you if you try to game the system. If you create quality evergreen content, you will be noticed by other high DA websites and eventually Google. 

5.GuruShop: What kind of online tools do you use for your online business? Also, which ones have you used that you think are not worthwhile ?

Answer: I use WIX and WordPress platforms. WordPress is way better than WIX, in my (and most others) opinions. I wanted to try WIX to see what it was like, but it was a mistake and I would only recommend WordPress nowadays.

6.GuruShopWhat plans do you have for the future? How do you plan to grow and expand your business?

Answer:  To grow the traffic and ultimately the income of my websites. Any income I earn goes back into the business, but as I grow I intend to have paid writers. I also want to grow my social media presence. Of course it all takes time and/or money, so slow and steady, but it’s all coming together.

7.GuruShop: Is there anything else you would like to say? Tips, advice, or ideas that may be helpful for someone who is trying start and online business? (think things like: notes, organizational tools, website stuff, etc…)

Answer: It might come as no surprise when I say this, but it’s all about the content. Seriously, quality content that is SEO rich is the best way to build your website. 

Before writing an article it’s important to do some keyword research, and to place the keyword you’re aiming for into the article as often but organically as you can. Don’t overdo it though, because Google isn’t stupid and will know you’re trying to game the system. 


What a great conversation with our friends at If you’re new to cryptocurrency and Bitcoin check out their beginners section for more information here

The key take-ways are that it takes time and considerable effort to build a strong web presence. You can’t expect too much from the start, and things will take time to develop; so be prepared to put in the effort to build an online business. Content is king, make sure to write high quality content and use keywords.