Instapage – A Super Powerful Marketing Tool

TL;DR: Instapage is a powerful page builder that can give you an edge marketing your product, businesses, or services. Used by many Fortune 500 companies Instapage has proven its’ self to be a top notch product that’s easy to use, elegant, and provides a high amount of utility.

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If you’re looking to promote your product or business you likely will be using ‘landing pages’ to display whats on offer for your customers. Instapage offers highly effective landing pages for your business, product or whatever you want to market. Let’s have a look at why you might consider using a service like Instapage.


In this section we’ll go over the key features of Instapage and why it might be worth your hard earned cash. If you’re looking to convert people into customers or convert sales there are a lot of tools at your finger tips these days. Instapage has some pretty awesome features but for a whopping $149/ month we’ll need some convincing at that price, so let’s get into it.


The landing pages and the builder tool are excellent quality, with loads of great features. The builder and templates allow you to build landing pages which are specific to your audiences and leads, instead of just sending out a generic one to all of your e-mail list or potential leads. Awesome analytics features like A/B testing, heat maps, and multivariate testing allow you to really see what works. Personalize your adds by segmenting them to certain sections of your audience, on screen collaboration with colleagues, and extremely fast loading landing pages are whats on offer.

Let’s have a more in-depth look to see if it’s good value for money

Landing Pages

As the name says Instapage has “[a] fully customizable builder to create stunning, conversion-friendly landing pages. With contextual element editing, over 5,000 fonts and 33 million images to work with, the Instapage landing page builder takes the pain out of producing on-brand, conversion-friendly landing pages.”


Instapage includes over 500+ prebuilt templates, all of which are customizable. These “industry specific” templates are visually appealing and easy to use, which is great. The designs look great and are easy to customize.

Visual On Page Collaboration:

You can work online together with your colleagues on the landing pages. This is an awesome time saving feature. You can work directly with clients or your peers to review, edit, and publish your pages and campaigns very quickly and effectively.

Real Time Colloboration
Real Time Edits

What about the builder itself?

Powerful and Comprehensive

The builder is very comprehensive, intuitive, and easy to use. Boasting an impressive library of over 5000 different fonts and over 33 million images at your disposal, designing a landing page to your liking should be a breeze.

It’s easy of use shouldn’t put off professionals, as Instapage is used by many bluechip companies ranging from Amazon to Ebay. The page builder is set up with integrated mobile design features as well. You can build pages that load instantly and are designed to be mobile responsive.

Instant loading mobile pages

There is a ‘block’ building system, which allows for easy creation or editing of templates; furthermore there is a global setting which allows you to easily standardize fonts, colors, and brand defining features across all blocks, templates, and campaigns.

Block Build System

Alignment, Editing, and Grouping Tool

We like the built in alignment, grouping, and distribution feature. This allows you to easily see if everything on your page is lined up correctly, for a really professional look. It’s easy to use, as you can group elements, pictures or whatever you see fit to create an awesome looking page. Furthermore there is an Edge Measurement tool, which allows you make sure your padding and margins are consistent across all your pages.
Lastly you’ll be able to customize any element with an in-line CSS editor. This allows you to customize individual elements on the page, rather than changing the style of the entire page.


Add widgets that perform additional functionality, power up your widgets with your own custom code if you’d like. With the ability to add things like, call to action, video, count-down timers, or custom HTML coded widgets.

Add Custom Code

If something isn’t already provided, you can easily code it into your landing page. Use JavaScript or other code to add features like chat plug-ins, calendar booking, sliders, image galleries, and much more.

In essence the builder is a powerful yet flexible visual type builder which anyone can use. Professionals should not shy away as there are many custom features. The ability to add custom code, design elements, add widgets, are powerful tools which allow for total control and customization over the page and it’s functions.

A look at some of the landing page templates

Here is a template listed as being used for “special promotion”

So the flow of the landing page is:

  • Promotional offer
  • Call to Action, e-mail sign up
  • Video or picture with a short list of features/benefits
  • Explanation of the promotion
  • Testimonials from customers
  • Trusted by (insert logos of other companies)
  • Follow up with call to action

Overall the template looks great, and is easy labeled to fill in with your own content. The design is sleek, simple, and gets the point across without being too “heavy-handed.”

Another Look

Here’s another type of common template you might use for a newsletter or some type of informational type landing page.

Once again we think everything looks great. The landing page is really clean, simple, and elegant. It has several calls to action, reviews, social media link icons, great images, and overall looks very professional.


Forms are super useful for growing an email list, promoting a product, sign ups, or whatever your specific needs may be. Instapage really excels with their great forms. With things like multistep forms, lead notifications, two step opt in, and easy customization, you’ll be able to create great looking forms that have extreme functionality for whatever you’re looking to do.

Additional Features

  • Automatically connects with the major e-mail marketing services
  • Integrations with common marketing applications
  • Ability to route post-conversion events to your marketing automation platform or your CRM system.

Optimization / Analytics

Part of marketing is testing what works and what doesn’t. Instapage has got you covered with some great features for this.

A/B Testing:They’ve got easy A/B testing, so you can test two different landing pages and see which one works best.

Heatmaps: See exactly how a user is interacting on with your campaign and landing page. Gives insights on what elements are working and which ones need to be changed.

Pixel Tracking: Use drop-in pixel tracking to track external conversions or for retargeting visitors who don’t convert on your landing page.

Integrations with Google and Facebook Ads: Instapage is set up to easy allow you to connect with your existing google analytics page and Facebook business manager. They make it easy to instigate your Instapage content with Facebook marketing features.

Personalized Follow up Actions

If you do get a conversion on one of your Instapage landing pages you can automatically follow up that conversion with a “personalized” advertisement. What exactly does that mean? Well, instead of directing the lead to a generic landing page you are able to direct them to a “personalized” landing page, one which should grab their interest more effectively. In the past, this type of work had to be done with monitoring analytics and using spread sheets, but Instapage has refined this process and made it simple and easy to execute on. In essence, whatever ad or landing page they clicked on can relate to the sales funnel you will direct your customer onto. This is the essence of “personalization”. You may have several different ads, and therefore you will want to direct say ad A to a related landing page X, or someone may click on ad B and you will want to direct them to landing page Y.


You can integrate Instapage with ANY other marketing automation system or CRM. There are already a lot of built in integrations, but if you don’t see your platform you can use Zappier or Web Hooks.

An much much more, from analytics, to advertising, live chat, and even WordPress.


Overall we really like what Instapage has to offer, in-fact, they are at the top end of their market offering features and abilities which are hard to find in similar businesses. This review tried to capture the main and most important features, but there are a lot of features we didn’t talk about, so if you’re interested to learn more, have a look at their website. The quality of the product is top notch and hard to beat. The platform is used by some serious companies such as Verizon and Ebay, so you can rest assured that Instapage is a seriously powerful tool. Nevertheless, unless you’re able to justify the massive price tag of $149/month then I’d say it’s not really worth it. Some people would definitely benefit from this, but for small marketers and business people it might be best to work on refining some things before dropping a wad of cash on Instapage. Nevertheless, if you’re interested please give it a try.

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