HostArmada- Should You Join The Fleet?

TL;DR: One of the best share hosting packages on the market right now, the overall quality and service from this new host is top notch. An awesome place to host your website for professional developers and ordinary users alike.

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HostArmada is a relatively new and unknown name in the web-hosting arena, but don’t let that deter you – they offer some pretty impressive hosting packages and services.

Founded in 2019 and operating out of Delaware, HostArmada are independently owned and operated. They currently boast a userbase of more than 3000 customers (as of Feb 1st 2021). They also have data centers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

They offer Shared Hosting, WP Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Open Source, and Development Hosting.

Let’s check em’ out!

Shared Hosting and WP Hosting

HostArmada has some really impressive plans, jam packed with features for what we think is more than a “fair market” price.

What’s Included and Breakdown

  • Unlimited Websites ( 1 website on starter plan)
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • SSD Cloud Storage
  • Free SSL on all domains
  • Daily backups
  • Choice of data center location
  • Hosting Perks
    • Free website transfer
    • Multiple PHP versions
    • Unlimited FTP accounts
    • Unlimited Databases
    • Unlimted e-mail accounts
    • Unlimited subdomains
  • Prepare for Launch Perks
    • 24/7 support
    • Drag and drop website builder
    • App installs
    • 1 click WP install
    • Free load speed optimization

Higher Tier Perks (warp and speed reaper)

  • Higher amount of resources
  • Warp Features Perks
    • 2x CPU and RAM
    • 3 Free website transfers
    • 1-click restore manager
    • Private DNS
  • Speed Reaper Perks
    • 3x more CPU and RAM
    • 3x less clients per server
    • Litespeed Web Server
    • HTTP/3
    • Dynamic caching
PlanPromo PriceRenewal Rate
Start Dock$3.99/mo$13.30/mo
Web Warp$4.69/mo$15.60/mo
Speed Reaper$5.66/mo$18.80/mo

Note- the promo prices are available for 1, 2, or 3 year commitments


We really think the shared hosting plans are great value for money. Uptime is generally excellent thanks to the cloud based SSD storage. As HostArmada don’t over-burden their servers with too many clients, performance, uptime, and speed for your website are all generally better-than-average.

Moreover, the amount of resources that come with their shared plans are really impressive. Up to 6GB of ram and 6CPUs is leaps and bounds more than what you’ll get on places like BlueHost.

HostArmada also has a really clean and intuitive user panel. Managing all your websites, support tickets, domains and other webs assets is really a pleasure. Moreover, they use cPanel, which most people should find attractive.

HostArmada Client Dashboard

To top it off you’ve got access to 24/7 technical support, free website migrations, and a 45-day money back guarantee. We’re really impressed by these plans!

WordPress Hosting-

Prices and plans are the same as the shared hosting but, the WP plans are also optimized and ready to go for use with WordPress.

[HostArmada’s] WordPress web hosting plans are powered by state of the art Cloud Platform virtualized with the KVM® virtualization technology. This type of technology is Kernel-based, meaning that the resources of the Cloud are equally distributed across all the virtual machines running on top. This assures NO resource overselling so that every web hosting server can utilize 100% dedicated resources.


You’ll also have daily back ups, off site back ups, automatic core updates and a dual firewall system for really beefy security.

VPS Hosting

HostArmada offers really flexible VPS packages. You can opt for their pre-build packages or basically design your own package with whatever specs you want. They’re able to deliver specs up to 192 GB RAM; 32 CPU Cores; 3840 GB SSD Storage per server!

xWeb ShuttleVoyagerRaiderSite Carrier
SSD Storage50GB80GB160GB320GB
CPU1 Cores2 Cores4 Cores6 Cores
PlanPromo PriceRenewal Rate
Site Carrier$101.21/mo$134.95/mo

Note- Their VPS plans only offer a “quarterly” or 3 month promo period. On the one hand their renewal rates are very fair. However, you can’t lock in a 1,2, or 3 year promo price.

Breakdown and What’s Included

  • Daily backups
  • cPanel
  • Nginx web service
  • Unlimited SSL certificates
  • Virus/Malware scanner
  • Free website migration
  • 7-days money back guarantee
  • Choice of data center location
  • Root Access
  • Full managed or self managed
  • Daily/weekly backups
  • Web Application Firewall
  • IP based firewall for DDos protection
  • Web caching and speed optimizations
  • Softacolus one click installs
  • 24/7 support


These VPS really pack a punch with a triple combo of great security, speed, and resources. The plans will keep your websites safe from attacks by implementing a WAP and IP based firewalls. If that wasn’t enough you’ll also get access to a free malware/virus scanner and unlimited SSL certificates

HostArmada also uses Nginx web server cache for increased performance. Websites load faster by making sure the front end isn’t bloated and using fewer resources to load your web page or application.

The default plans should have enough RAM and CPU resources for most users, but the plans are highly customizable and you can add more RAM/CPU or storage to your liking.

The plans are a bit on the expensive side, but we think the amount of features and high quality of the product justifies the cost. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about insane renewal fees as their renewal rates are only slightly more expensive than the promo prices.

Overall, if you’re looking for a high quality VPS service with lots of great features, HostArmada has a lot of great choices.

Dedicated Hosting Plans

HostArmada offers some really reasonably priced dedicated server plans loaded with lots of goodies.

What’s Included and Breakdown:

xLift OffLow OrbitHigh Orbit
CPU4 Cores8 Cores16 Cores
SSD Storage160 GB320 GB640 GB
Bandwidth5 TB6 TB7 TB
  • Customizable
  • Fully Managed or unmanaged
  • 1 click installers
  • Automatic backups
  • Root access
  • Security suite
  • Choice of server location
  • Free SSL
  • Web server cache
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free website migrations
  • 7 days money back guarantee


Sometimes it can be hard to make recommendations for dedicated hosting packages because they usually aren’t “one size fits all” type situations, but with HostArmada it is.

HostArmada offers a ‘one size fits all’ solution for dedicating hosting needs. Whether you’re looking to host an eCommerce site, an application, multiple websites, run databases, email services, or a custom build development environment HostArmada is an excellent choice.

The high quality hardware, flexible plans, and root access make choosing HostArmadas dedicated hosting a no-brainer.

Developer/ Development Hosting

These plans and packages are the same as the shared hosting but offer some awesome perks for developers.

  • PHP selector
    • Choose your version of PHP
    • PHP module selector
    • Custom PHP version per directory
      • set up different websites with different versions of PHP on the same hosting account
    • PHP VARS editor
  • NodeJS Tools
    • NodeJS selector
      • organize your NodeJS projects as well as assign a different NodeJS version on a per-project basis!
    • Standalone node binary
    • Mod Passenger
      • An application which allows you to select the domain a NodeJS application will run on
    • Command Line (grunt, NPM, Bower, Gulp, Yarn)
  • Python Dev Tools
    • Python selector
    • Standalone python binary
    • Apache Mod Passenger
    • Python Modules manager
    • pip Package manager
  • SQL Dev Tools
    • phpMyAdmin
    • Database/user management
    • MySQL command line
    • Remote MySQL
    • Database replication
  • Other Tools
    • cPanel Code reviewer/editor
      • edit the code of a website from within the cPanel
    • git cPanel tool
      • easily manage your git repositories
    • File Manager
    • Command line
      • WP-CLI
      • SSH Access


If you’re a developer looking for shared hosting, look no further. The amount of tools and kits at your fingertips is immense.

Performance and Sentiment

Both load times and uptime from HostArmada are extremely good. Sites load quickly, and virtually no downtime was detected from test data.

What are people saying?

Loved by customers!

Since HostArmada is new there isn’t a huge repository of social media commentary about the company. Nevertheless, reviews on Trustpilot are near impeccable.

Customers are impressed by the load speeds, and amazing customer service.


  • Awesome Shared hosting
  • Load of features
  • Good for developers and regular users
  • No insane renewal rates
  • Good speed and uptime
  • Flexible packages
  • Clean and intuitive “client center”


  • Some of the plans are a bit expensive

Wrap Up

HostArmada offers some seriously powerful hosting loaded with awesome features and it won’t cost you a fortune, either. Their shared hosting packages are some of the best we’ve seen in the market.

The shared plans are beefy, with lots of RAM and CPU resources, and the servers aren’t over burdened with too many clients on the same server.

The VPS plans are flexible and highly customizable, but we think they’re a tad expensive. But hey, good quality stuff usually costs more, and that’s the case with HostArmada.

HostArmada is both developer and common user friendly. With a massive suite of developer tools an amazingly intuitive client panel the service is really one size fits all.

All-in-all HostArmada is one of the best hosting services around, we highly recommend you check them out.

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