As the world of work moves ever more online, webinars are quickly becoming the order of the day for marketers. Whereas once you’d have had to rent out a hall and offer coffee and snacks if you wanted to hold a marketing seminar, nowadays companies like Demio help you reach thousands of people across the world from the comfort of your home or office. Here’s how it works:

Main Features

With Demio, you and/or any number of speakers can deliver an online presentation to a potentially global audience. Viewers can interact by posting questions, filling out polls, downloading ‘handouts’ and so on. In addition to these standard features, Demio also offer a number of extras that stand them out from the pack:

– Fast, HD-Streaming

Nothing will make your presentation look less slick than non-stop buffering and potato-level image quality. Thankfully Demio streams your presentations in crisp high definition, with no delays or disturbances to throw you off your stride.

– Webcam Sharing

With the option of sharing up to three additional webcams, there’s no reason to stress yourself out trying to host a full webinar all on your lonesome. You can seamlessly share presenting duties with co-hosts, or bring experts in to add a little extra credibility to your talk.

– Automatic Notifications

There’s nothing more tragic than holding a webinar and nobody showing up. Thankfully Demio reduces the risk of that happening by automatically pinging off notifications to anyone who signs up well in advance of your talk. And yes, you can brand those notifications yourself.

Plans and Pricing

Demio offers three pricing plans – Starter, Growth and Business. There’s also the inevitable 14-day free trial if you want to give it a whirl beforehand.

All plans include unlimited sessions, registrations and storage, 24/7 chat and email support, advanced event setup, media and slide sharing, detailed insights, event localisation and more as standard.

In addition to this, the plans break down as follows:

– Starter

  • $49 per month/$34 per month (yearly)
  • 50 Attendee Room.
  • 3-Hour Session Limit
  • Standard Support
  • Live Events
  • 1 Host

– Growth

  • $99 per month/$69 per month (yearly)
  • 150 Attendee Room.
  • 5-Hour Session Limit
  • Standard Support
  • Room & Email Branding
  • Automated Events
  • 1 Host

– Business

  • $234 per month/$163 per month (yearly)
  • 500 Attendee Room.
  • 8-Hour Session Limit
  • Priority Support
  • Room & Email Branding
  • Automated Events
  • Dedicated Account Rep
  • 4 Hosts


– Simple to Use

With its hyper-intuitive user interface, creating webinars in Demio is a piece of cake. Even non-techies should be capable of getting a professional-looking webinar up and running in minutes. And with all the action taking place in your browser, there’s no need for you or your customers to download extra software or clunky installers.

– Plenty of Automation

Creating a webinar from scratch can be a pretty burdensome process – in addition to the actual content of the webinar, you need to build a contact list, send out notifications, create landing and registration pages and so on. Demio’s automation features take care of the majority of these problems. You can make fully-braned landing and registration pages in seconds, and the option to tag users during the webinar itself makes follow-up easy.

– Reliable, Glitch-free Streaming

Demio’s webinars run exceptionally well on both desktop and mobile devices, so you needn’t worry about buffering or slow-down breaking up your stride. Both audio and video are in glorious high-definition, giving your presentations that extra professional sheen.

– Great Customer Service

One area in which Demio excels is in customer support. There’s a live-chat option available at all times, and staff are quick to reply, polite and extremely helpful. In addition to this, there’s an extensive and informative help centre covering just about everything you’ll need to know.


– A Little Expensive?

Demio’s cheapest plan will set you back a hefty $34 per month (and even more than that if you’re not willing to commit to a year-long subscription), so it may be difficult for individuals or small start-ups to justify spending that kind of money unless you plan on making webinars a major (and regular) part of your marketing strategy.

– Q&A Options A Bit Clunky

If your webinar gets a good response – say, over 50 attendees – you can expect the questions to be coming thick and fast over the live stream. Demio gives you the option to ‘star’ questions that interest you and filter your view to only see those questions. However, it’s still a little awkward to have to scroll through and pick out the messages while presenting a live webcast.


Demio lets you create slick, professional-looking, fully-branded webinars with very little effort. With their extensive automating features, you can sit back and focus on the all-important content and let them take care of the rest. However, it’s not the cheapest platform out there, so only those serious about making webinars a big part of their marketing strategy will likely be interested.