About our company

Here at GuruShop we’ve combed through the web to find what we think are some of the best services to help you make money or improve your online bussiness. 

Hosting: We’re interested in web hosting because if you want to have online business you’ll need to start with a good host to make a home for your web page

Tools: We’ve spent time looking for great tools which help with productivity, organization, marketing, and much more. GuruShop wants to help you connect with tools that will help you grow your business and income.

Crypto: We believe cryptocurrency is the way forward. It’s highly useful for doing business online, and trading can be a way to make money for those seeking a digital ‘nomad’ lifestyle.

Affiliates: Many of the companies on our websites use affiliate links. Please help support GuruShop by signing up to these services through our links. We provide these links and information about these services because we believe in them and think they can be helpful to you and your business endeavors.